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New: Starting from CXF 2.5.0 and 2.4.4 all WADL elements may link to top-level local declarations, see this example.. WADL-first Development. CXF 2.4.1 introduces a wadl2java code generator and cxf-wadl2java-plugin Maven plugin which can be used to generate server and client JAX-RS code and speed up the transition between modeling and implementation stages.

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Sep 15, 2011 · In my previous post I showed how to create RESTful services using Spring Framework. For representation of resources in XML I used JAXB and I followed the bottom-up approach (I wrote the Java classes and I let to generate XML/XSD from Java classes).

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The JAXB RI 2.x mostly doesn't exhibit this behavior any more, as it declares all statically known namespace URIs (those URIs that are used as element/attribute names in JAXB annotations), but it may still declare additional namespaces in the middle of a document, for example when (i) a QName as an attribute/element value requires a new ... Dec 13, 2006 · Cross namespace inheritance - Jaxb generation issue #289. ... One can work around this spec problem by adding a dummy substitution element to the base schema, telling ...

# HG changeset patch # User lana # Date 1331323088 28800 # Node ID 71f12f70251a49fc7c28747a277469a4eb63c83d # Parent 764195843d4e71df895a0dc93951003ff380f460# Parent ... Each of these types of customization is described in more detail in the following sections: Inline Customizations. Customizations to JAXB bindings made by means of inline binding declarations in an XML schema file take the form of <xsd:appinfo> elements embedded in schema <xsd:annotation> elements (xsd: is the XML schema namespace prefix, as defined in W3C XML Schema Part 1: Structures).