Samsung target market demographics

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The U.S. smartphone market is now more than halfway penetrated. The growth of most technology markets slows rapidly once the halfway mark is reached. The most attractive smartphone demographic for ...

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2010 Smartphone Market Demographic Summary. iPhone owners are age-diverse. As of mid-2009, about 1/3 were 25-34, another 1/3 were 35-54, and the remaining 1/3 were equally divided between <25 and >55. As of Q1 2010, 23% of mobile phone customers in the US had a smartphone, up from 16% in Q2 2009. As of Q1 2010, Android's share of the ...The demographic part is the same, all three brands target young and active people from 18 - 30 years old. - Versace's target market is Carpe Diems. This is the main secret of the success of Versace - Right targeting .

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Latest report published by Maximize Market Research System Integration Market. We would like you to get the first hand experience of the most granular report published across indu Identifying your target market. Start to identify the different segments among your existing customers by looking for groups with similar characteristics. Consumers are often segmented by age, gender or income. Business customers can be broken down into different industries or by size. In practice, location is often a key factor, whether you ...

Samsung's marketing strategy is one of the most effective strategies because it has helped a cost-driven company to change its structure and become an authority manufacturer. All of the products come under the name 'Samsung electronics' which is an umbrella approach in its branding, Such that the subsequent products could be easily ...Samsung Mobile shifted the market focus to the ideal consumer that most mobile companies desire, the young generation. This audience is growing and tends to stay with one or two brands as they age.